Organic Cafe

Rebel Cafe aims to provide a unique and healthy atmosphere; serving organic coffee, juices, and smoothies.  We boast one of the best espresso makers (Rancillo, the "Ferrari" of espresso machines) in the area and serve only the best organic coffees and espressos, including Dweller's Coffee.  We seek out sustainable resources and source locally grown produce for our justices and smoothies.  We want to educate as many people as possible about real nutrition and work with the community towards a healthier Benton Harbor.  Ask about the various types of cleanses and fasts that we offer!



First and foremost, Rebel Cafe is organic and GMO-free.  If something that we offer isn't organic we will tell you!  We try to source as locally as possible to help fuel our community's economic progress.  We don't like things to be watered down (that includes our information...) so we don't add tons of water or agave to our smoothies and juices.  The drinks we offer are a little more "natural" tasting because we don't add any extra sugar or sweeteners (unless the recipe calls for a little stevia or local, raw, organic honey).  We let ethics and taste decide what we serve!


I must admit; we have become coffee snobs!  The subtleties and varieties of coffee, espresso, and how they are served is overwhelming.  Feel free to ask for a special latte, french press, or iced treat, the sky's the limit!  Since we are a small business we can develop real relationships with our patrons, we try to be a fun place to hang out on top of great coffee.  We are a great alternative to big-chain coffee shops that use chemicals, dead coffee, and tons of sugar.  Come in and taste the difference for yourself and, of course, we'd love to hear any feedback!


We can make you any type of smoothie that you'd like and add espresso or cacao to it for good measure!  The juices we offer are made in-house with a masticating slow-juicer (ensuring low froth and less pulp) and are never served more than two-days from the time they were juiced.  We also offer cleanses and juice fasts.  From a holistic and longevity standpoint we tend to favor certain Ayurvedic practices.  One of these is the ritual of fasting and cleansing.  Once or twice a year it's a good idea to detoxify your body and give the digestive system a rest from the constant stream of food and waste going through it.