Kettlebell Strength for Yoga


Kettlebell Strength for Yoga

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In this beginner, 5-week, kettlebell series we break down basic, yet powerful, human movement patterns found in Yoga and in classic Russian Kettlebell training. 

We will find balance and focus with basic Yogic postures, done correctly, which will challenge your will-power to stay in the position and how to breathe through the discomfort. This can radically change how you operate in your day to day!  

The Yogic postures will be paired with kettlebell movements designed to compliment the static holds and flows with dynamic movement through a full range of motion. This is not easy. You will be sore after this class, so please be prepared to leave the ego in your coffee cup :) 

Price: $60 / $20 Drop-in

Sundays at 1100 / Thursdays at 1230
18Nov / 22Nov
25Nov / 29Nov
02Dec / 06Dec
09Dec / 13Dec

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