We will begin with a complimentary consultation which runs about 30-minutes so I can review your comprehensive information sheets and learn how you would like to progress.


Step two requires an assessment. I can administer a FMS screen to find your imbalances and weaknesses or a general assessment for some of the movement patterns you will be using in your program.


I suggest this option only for students who live out of town, travel frequently enough that they cannot commit to a program, or utilize in conjunction with online training. These one-on-one sessions combine technique work, physical education, and offer a training stimulus but you will be learning principles that can be applied to your training for the rest of your life. I am currently offering 60 and 30-minute sessions. This option requires a consultation and assessment.


Choose from a 6, 8, or 12-week program for 1, 2, or 3 session per week and you will receive a program that lasts the duration of your choice, 30-minute training sessions to keep you on task and motivated, online coaching, and access to the Sinew Gymnasium during open-gym hours plus 10% off Yoga Class Packages from Yoga Muse. This is, by far and away, the best option to make consistent and lasting positive change. Assessment price is included in all programs.

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Strength & conditioning classes are session-based (5-weeks) and require a minimum of 5 students to sign up in advance. Drop-ins are available if classes are on the schedule.  $15 for a drop-in or $60-180 (for 1-3 session each week) for the entire series.

Primal Play

Based off GMB's "Elements" and "Vitamin" program, Primal Play incorporates movement exploration in a fun and positive environment.  During this 45-minute class we will roll, crawl, breathe, meditate, jump, squat, twist, hop, and hand balance our way to strength and serenity. 

Power to the People

Combining old school calisthenics from Ancient Greece and Modern Russian training methodology; Power to the People relies heavily on the teachings of StrongFirst.  During the hour you will learn to use kettlebells to Swing, Squat, Get-up, Press, Snatch, as well as Push-up, Pull-up, and much more!


A 45-minute long physical education class built on the tried and true basics of strength, endurance, and conditioning training.

Kids today don't get enough movement, or play, in their "physical diet" so it is more important than ever to get them properly educated about movement quality and how to obtain strength. Being strong and fit is, in and of itself, a safety mechanism which will stop you from being injured or throwing your back out. Our bodies need resistance to thrive and our minds needs quality movement and play to stay healthy and happy!

This class will introduce the benefits of bodyweight exercise in a fun and challenging way. There are milestones that all the kids should strive to achieve (such as: 15 Bar Dips, 10 Chin-ups, 100 Air Squats, 30 Push-ups & being able to run for half an hour straight) which will keep them motivated enough to continue training and remember the lessons they learn in class for, hopefully, the rest of their lives. The goals aren't required but they offer incentive to keep training! We will cover a wide variety of playful movements and calisthenics to develop physical autonomy and instill confidence.

Focused Flexibility

Another GMB class; based off PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) which is a fancy way of saying "tense and release".  This is a very effective way to find your maximum range of motion...i.e. "Flexibility".  Essentially Yoga for people who don't do Yoga, Focused Flexibility will lengthen your tight muscles and keep your body healthy for life!