Aerial Yoga Sessions (Advance Registration) 

New sessions start on September 23rd and 26th! Five-weeks for $100 or $30 drop-in. Space is limited. Monday mornings w/Adrienne at 10 a.m. or Thursday evenings w/Maria at 6 p.m.

Call to book your private or semi-private class with Adrienne  (269) 240-4297

**Aerial Special!  Book your Semi-Private (2 person minimum) to suit your schedule, and enjoy same price as drop-in!


Learn to fly, and do many other awesome yoga poses, on the Aerial Yoga Hammocks under the tutelage of Adrienne White, trained Ascension Yoga teacher.  You will move, stretch, hang, and fly; building strength, mobility, and flexibility.  Anyone can do it, it's so much fun!   $30 per person semi-private session (2 person minimum)

Gentle Yoga

TUESDAYS 9:30-10:30a

THURSDAYS 9:30a-10:30a

Slow down, breathe deep, and enjoy a series of gentle yoga postures to welcome (or close) the day.  This class will help you feel calm, centered, and grounded.  Modifications will make poses accessible to all bodies.  Use of props encouraged.


WEDNESDAYS 10:15-11:30a

Tap into your inner fire!  Tapas, or self-discipline, creates the heat needed to positively transform our bodies.  This class will focus on intelligent sequencing to build inner heat and promote purification.  Classes will begin with pranayama work to stoke the inner fire followed by flowing breath to movement through postures.  Come for the physical practice, leave with a renewed feeling of contentment.  Heated room.


WEDNESDAYS 6:45-7:45p

This is a flow class that works on your energy anatomy and your physical body by using breath. meditation, and movement. Through this work you can affect your prana (or life force) for more energy and health as well as get your energy aligned from the inside out.


Sunday Yin Series

Sundays 9:30a-10:45p (Oct. 20th and 27th; Nov 3rd and 10th)

This 4-week Yin Yoga series will link traditional Yin Yoga poses with information regarding their impact on meridians, channels in the body which transport energy (also known as Qi) from one part of the body to another. Yin Yoga is deeply intertwined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and its focus on the meridians, and each class will explore a different set of meridians, including information about physical imbalances manifested when the meridian is out of balance, as well as mental, emotional and energetic qualities expressed through this imbalance. Each class will focus on Yin poses designed to stimulate and balance these energy channels and encourage relaxation through long, deep holds.

Cost of 4-week series: $50

Friday Night Flow

FRIDAYS 6:00p-7:00p

A fun and powerful flow to transition you from week to weekend!  Plenty of breathing, stretching, and savasana too! Kate offers words of wisdom and energy to the practice, paired with an inspiring soundtrack. Plan some time after class for some time to mingle!  Can't wait to see you on the mat!

Restorative Yoga + Nidra

5-WEEK SESSION (New session starts on November 17th)

SUNDAYS 6-7:30p  

Restorative yoga is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and heal your nervous system for true and vital health.  The long holds in these restful poses supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks, allow the body to completely relax and trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and mitigate the effects of the fight-or-flight stress response where we spend the majority of our week.  The body and mind are prepared to go inward for a deepened awareness and meditation preparation.  $20 drop-in

Get $20 off by registering for the whole series!

Meditation in Motion - (Certification starts in January)

Meditation in Motion is a yoga practice accessible to any body-type and yoga experience.  Incorporating both meditation and yoga postures, this practice reveals an inborn energetic intelligence which may be used to access healing, balance and Self-discovery in one’s life.  This energy, which in yoga we call Prana, is the same energy that is causing your heart to beat right now and facilitates internal healing when the physical system is out of balance.  

In this series you will progressively learn meditation tools and techniques to calm the mind so that you can allow your own energy to create a shift to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual homeostatic balance.  This practice is an eastern style of yoga which is different from the western perspective of a one size fits all structure.  You will be guided to follow your own energy’s natural wisdom on the mat and in your everyday life, making it an individualized practice just for you!  The beauty of this practice is that it teaches you how to live your whole life as a Meditation in Motion!

A Meditation in Motion yoga practice has its foundation in the ancient scriptures and teachings of yoga passed down through an energetic Lineage.  Your teacher, Heather Indu Eilering, has studied and received this energy from a modern-day yoga Guru and been honored as a Senior Teacher for this Lineage.  It is Heather’s love and devotion to being a yoga practitioner herself, and her connection to Amritji’s living Lineage, that enables her to reveal its wisdom to her students in a joyful and powerful way.  Heather lives in Michigan where she mentors and consults those interested in applying yoga and Ayurveda to their lives.  She continues to create powerful programs and publications to support her student’s transformation and can be found around the globe working for the Amrit Yoga Institute as a Senior Yoga Trainer.  

Flow, Stretch, Sleep

Mondays, 6:45-8:00 p.m.

Class will start with breath and centering to ease you into a fun flow! Deep stretching will follow to ease away the day, and finish with an extra long savasana - accompanied by essential oils - for a sweet yogic sleep. No more Monday Blues, only Bliss.

SUP + Yoga (Private sessions while the good weather lasts!)

Please call to reserve your spot or schedule your own group SUP Class

(269) 240-4297

We meet at the Paw Paw River on Klock Rd. in Benton Harbor.  All equipment is provided including: stand-up paddleboard, paddle, and lifejacket.  After a brief instruction and short paddle we arrive at our tranquil location where we anchor ourselves in the cattails for a peaceful and unique yoga experience.  We will flow through a variety of postures on our floating yoga mats. Afterwards we drift back to the launch in Savasana rested and at peace.  No experience in SUP or yoga is required, anyone can do it!   Pre-register before coming down to the launch so we know how many boards and paddles to prepare, thanks! (269) 240-4297

Peaceful Warrior


The Heart of Yoga is the true path of the Warrior Spirit.  This class has evolved from the desire to bring peace and truth back to the traumatized spirit.  This class is not just for veterans, it is for anyone who has had a human experience.  We will explore sacred Pranayama, properly aligned Vinyasa slow flows, and balancing meditation.

Private Instruction

Often the quickest way to progress is through private or semi-private instruction.  The practice can be tailored to meet specific needs or challenges your body and mind may be facing.  Contact Adrienne to set up a convenient time at our space or yours.