Yoga Muse [Custom] Yoga Teacher Training & Application (below):

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Meraki 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to make the jump from Yoga “Instructor” to Yoga TEACHER? Yoga is much more than directing someone where to place their arms and legs. We already know that the pose doesn’t really matter; it’s who you are in the pose that really reveals something interesting. We will journey deeper into the subtle realm with this Yoga Asana and Meditation 300-hr YTT. More consideration will be given to the energetics of the pose as well as to the physical alignment. 

We will consider all 8 limbs of the Ashtanga system of yoga, moving deeper and deeper into those subtle spaces of concentration, withdrawing the senses, and ultimately the bliss of discovering your San Kalpa; your reason behind everything you do…including your teaching! This truth, that is often buried deep inside the unconscious, can be accessed through meditation and (especially) Yoga Nidra, so meditation training and practice will be a large part of our work. You will receive training in more healing yoga asana practices like; Restorative Yoga, Yin, Yoga for Trauma, and Meditation in Motion certifications. Your sensitivity is your super power, and we will access that sensativity though mantra, chanting, mudra, kriya, bandha, and deeper study of the subtle energies of the koshas and the prana vayus. 

You will learn how to design your yoga classes for ENERGETIC effect and how to practice assists to help energy to move and flow more freely in a pose. In essence; we will move beyond the idea of yoga as merely a physical practice, ironically by learning the science of the practice. Yoga is a science and every breath, every movement, has a physiological response in the body and brain. Used correctly; the poses, breathing techniques, and (especially) meditation can bring us to a deep state of bliss, of beauty. Yoga truly is the science of beauty and this is where our practice takes us when we choose to go deep. Are you ready? We will discuss a variety of smart sequencing techniques that will set you apart from the average new yoga teacher. In addition; you will be able to customize your training by choosing an intensive that is interesting to you!

Intensives will include your choice of one of the following: Yoga Nidra Meditation, Aerial Yoga, SUP+Yoga, or Restorative Yoga. Some certifications have a small supplemental fee) All other training costs except for required books are included in the training cost including group classes at The Collective during the dates of your training. No hidden fees!

Over The Course of Eight Months Starting December 6th 2019:

  1. Dec  6th -7th    (30hr) Opening Day, Yamas & Niyamas and Yoga Nidra Training

  2. Dec. 27th-29th  (20hr)  Asana, Energetic Sequencing, Prana Vayus, Anatomy & Alignment 

  3. Jan 12th  (8 hrs)  Meditation in Motion Energetics Training  w/ Heather Eilering 

  4. Jan. 24th-26th  (20hr)  Pranayama, Subtle Body, Chakras, Energy Anatomy, Yin

  5. Feb. 28th-Mar 1st  (20hr) Pratayahara/Dharana, Ego & Thinking Mind, Brain Anatomy & Science

  6. March 20th-22nd   (20hr)  Meditation in Motion Level I w/Heather Eilering

  7. March 27th-29th  (20hr)  Meditation in Motion Level II w/Heather Eilering

  8. April 18th-19th  (20hr)  Restorative Training Levels I & II,  Declare your “Major”

  9. April 24th-26th  (20hr)  Dhyana, Asana for Meditation/Meditation Training, Day of Silence 

  10. May 1st-3rd  (15hr) Special Guest Training Weekend, TBD

  11. May 22nd-24th  (20hr)  Samadhi, Teaching Restorative, Teaching Meditation, Mantra, San Kalpa

  12. June  (15hr) Mindful Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Trauma Training & Karma Yoga Fest!

  13. July 17th-21st  (20hr)  Meditation in Motion Level II w/Heather Eilering

  14. July-  Teaching Group Classes, Privates w/ Adrienne, “Major” Workshops

  15. August- Completing Workshops, Term Paper, Final Contact Hours (if needed) 

Program Requirements

  • Teaching Eight Classes (32hr, 4hr credit for each)  

  • Teach Two Workshops (4-6hr)

  • Two Privates w/Adrienne  (3hr)

  • Term Paper on your Yoga “Major”

  • Completing all required contact and non-contact hours and required reading 

  • Option for choosing an intensive (extra-charge may apply)

 Intensives (Option to Choose One):

  • SUP+Yoga Level I (add Level II for $200 supplement)- June 27th (and 28th for Level II)

  • Aerial Yoga  ($300 supplement)  Date, TBD

  • Chakra Cleanse Course (Group Chakra classes on 6 Saturdays between January & June of 2020)

Cost and Payment Options:

  1. $200.00 non-refundable application fee (applied to the cost of training)

  2. $500.00 deposit due December 1st

  3. Training remainder to be paid in full by December 6th $3,200 (for a total training price of $3,900)

  4. Training By Payment Plan Varies (application and deposit fees, and then remaining total paid on a monthly basis) 

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and  we will print off a copy of the liability waiver, on location, for you to sign.

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