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Juice Cleanses

A cleanse is a great way to help shuttle toxins out of the body and hit the "reset" button on your hormonal profile, insulin response, fat storage mechanisms, and even your tastebuds!  This isn't a "fast fat-loss" strategy, although you'll lose a few pounds of mostly water weight over the course of four days.  This is a healthy practice that can be as strict or loose as you wish.  Included in the $160 price is four days worth of juices and tonics made fresh the day before, or the day of, pick-up, information about how to remain successful on your cleanse, and two meditation sessions aimed at setting intentions and connecting the mind to the breath.  We only use the finest local, raw, organic fruits and veggies for our juices and tonics.  We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we do! Cleanses must be scheduled in advance so we can prepare the freshest product for you!  Contact Adrienne w/ any questions @ (269) 240-4297 or fill out a request :)

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