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Aerial Yoga Extended Practice and Meditation – The Art of Letting Go

Price: $40

Aerial yoga instructor Brian Witten is back with a perfect Aerial Yoga Workshop for the fall! This extended aerial yoga practice will offer students a unique opportunity to create self transformation in the body and mind. The fall is a time of transition from our active, expressive self to a more inward focused state of being. As we cultivate the nourishing aspects of our lives and let go of the things that have reached an end, it is a perfect time to release the energies, habits and patterns that keep us from finding the comfort of inner peace. This dynamic practice with aerial silks hammock is a fresh approach to yoga that teaches students the art of holding on to inner peace even through uncertainty. With the support of the silks students will break away from negative patterns within the body and mind, and find grace in movement by expressing the true potential that resides within each of us. This extended practice will also include a special relaxation meditation to help rid the mind of all business and clutter that keeps us from experiencing true clarity of mind and inner bliss.