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Chocolate, Wine, & Ayurveda Symposium

Did you know that chocolate has been referred to through the centuries as “food of the Gods”?

Did you know that Plato, the Ancient Greek Philosopher said that “wine fills the heart with courage”?

Your wish has come true! Good quality chocolate is a food group, indeed; and wine does not have to be a guilty pleasure, it can be a sensible vice.

During this “Chocolate, Wine & Ayurveda Symposium” you will practice:

  • Subtly engaging and honoring all of your five senses.
  • Identifying the six tastes of Ayurveda in order to train your taste buds towards a more enhanced palate awareness.
  • Incorporating the ceremonial aspect into your daily life.

There is a lot we can learn by studying the practices of old wise cultures about what makes us, humans, feel our best and perform our best. So, come and experience one of the most eye-opening yoga events you will ever be invited to.

This celebration of senses will also introduce you to the Ancestral Greek concept of “symposium”. These “symposia” were intellectual gatherings where the philosophers of ancient Greece would collect around a table and allow the conversation and wine to flow.

There will be a 75-minute Yoga class to kick off our little shin-dig and a light organic summer supper will be served.

Later Event: August 13
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