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A Spring Aerial Affair at The Collective

Price: $40 ea. for Friday Night Flight & Aerial Strength Class / $45 for 120-minute Aerial Master's Class

If you’ve fallen in love with your Aerial practice, sweep yourself away before Mother’s Day with a very special Aerial Affair. Aerial Fitness Instructor and Master Yoga Instructor Brian Witten is coming to The Collective in Benton Harbor, MI for a jam packed weekend of class for those who love Aerial silks, for those who love feeling strong, and even for those who might just be curious about the Aerial practice. Basically we’ve got all the bases covered, but why just take one class? We’ve set it up so you can give your mind and body a full overhaul with deeply strengthening, balancing, and restorative body care.  And the practice will leave you with a killer body and a peaceful mind, what partner wouldn’t love that? Why not bring them along? This is an affair everyone can get behind! Check out the class details below, space is limited so sign up today!

Friday Night Flight: Learn to use the aerial yoga silks to support you in traditional poses as well as some fun flips, inversions, and of course taking flight! This 90 minute practice will introduce the practice of Aerial silks movements, which deepen your flexibility, and build total body strength in a fun and refreshing way! Time to get silly off your body’s own feel goods as we invert, flip and fly ourselves through a Friday night! (Friday May 12 @ 7-8:30 p.m.)

Aerial Strength: Aerial silks can be used as a powerful tool to create true strength throughout your entire body, giving you control and support in all of your movement. Using the silks for core strengthening is like nothing else (you won’t believe us until you try *evil wink) and the silks can offer additional support in more challenging yoga poses such as arm balances and inversions. With a 90 minute practice, we’ll have plenty of time for some deeper stretching, hanging and fun! Can I get an inverted King Pigeon anyone? The best! (Saturday May 13 @ 10-11:30 a.m.)

Aerial Master’s Class: Have you been playing on the hammocks and silks for awhile and feel ready to try some more challenging poses and tricks? This is the class for you! The practice will be introducing single arm poses, basic level circus skills, and deeper inversions and wraps. This will be 120 minutes of high flying, challenging fun! Some Aerial yoga experience suggested. (Saturday May 13 @ 2-4 p.m.)