Offering a wide array of massage styles to suit your needs & curiosities.

The Collective offers an ever-broadening variety of massage therapists and kinesiology professionals to give as many options as possible according to preferences and needs. Need a release and typical massage doesn't seem to do the trick? We have a Kinesis-Analyst for that. Prefer the opposite approach with gentle touch? We have a Bowen Certified Therapist for you! We stand behind our therapists and hire them for ourselves as well! Don't hesitate to ask about any type of massage you're looking for, chances are we know someone or are already employing their services.

Photo credit: lydia woosley

Photo credit: lydia woosley

Jeff Merrill, Kinesio-Analyst

Jeff is in a category all his own; literally. As a Kinesio-Analyst, Jeff tries to live by the teachings of Bruce Lee: do only what works and dispense with the rest. He has dialed in his manipulations and techniques to a science and an art. Jeff is also the Clinical Director at Blue Heron Institute Massage Therapy School in Grand Rapids, MI. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Health Communication.

Amy Brennan-Underwood, BSc.OT

Amy is a mother, a wife, a lover of yoga and a practitioner of the healing arts. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland with a degree in Occupational Therapy (BSc.OT) in 2005. Since then she has worked and lived on three continents providing rehabilitation services in hospitals, outpatient clinics and skilled nursing facilities and an International Circus Festival. She has over a decade's worth of experience treating a wide variety of conditions including, stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury and orthopedics conditions. In 2014, she became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, certified through Bowtech, The Bowenwork Academy of Australia and The American Bowen Academy. 

In 2016 Amy completed my certification in Kinesio Taping through Kinesio Taping International. She is currently working on expanding her practice to include Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork. She has found that Bowenwork, Kinesiotaping and her extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries all work together to support the body during intensive training or daily life, minimize risk of injury and speed recovery if injury occurs. The techniques that Amy practices are light but powerful and appropriate for all. She works with all ages, conditions and injuries and has a special interest in working with acrobats, athletes and performers while training for sporting events or performances. She is registered with NBCOT, the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists, Licensed by the State of Michigan Occupational Therapy Board and insured for private practice.


Acupuncturist Coming Soon...


Richard Rappalie, Licensed Massage Therapist

Richard is a licensed massage therapist with the State of Michigan.  He graduated from the Kalamazoo Center of the Healing arts (Institute for Massage Education) and views being a massage therapist as a sacred spiritual calling.  He uses an intuitive approach in providing massage therapy.  He is also certified in Lymph Drainage therapy, ACE cupping therapy, Comfort Touch, and Reiki (at the Master level).  Richard is currently studying acupressure and how it can best be incorporated in massage.  He also has experience in Hospice massage, geriatric massage and massage for the bereaved.  He supports and celebrates (with the client) the many ways massage therapy helps the body release tension, stress, fatigue, stiffness, nervousness and numbness.  Richard has found that these healthy releases promote healing in the body, mind and soul.